Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cyrill you're table manners are awful.

Apart from being tied up with family and Oxford Ornithological Society secretarial duties my hurried visits into the countryside have been rather unproductive from a birding point of view, nevertheless I will give a brief report of the one or two things that caught my eye this last week.
Sunday 14th kicked off with one of the two squirrels that regularly visit my garden turning its back to the garden table as it perched on the back of a chair, manners! please. Most folk get rather agitated by the presence of the Grey Squirrel in the garden but I think their reputation is mostly over-egged as my own observations have failed to note them being particularly destructive with the exception of their annoying habit of digging up any bulbs I plant, and if they do occasionally take an egg or fledgling so what! life can be tough for Cyrill as well.
Down at Shellingford Pit a nice covey of six Grey Partridge were noted as I scanned a flock of fifty plus Lapwing and the two Mute Swans were still lording it over one of the larger pools but small birds were few with just Chaffinch and Goldfincnch in evidence. Two Dragonflies were on the wing but only briefly giving me no chance of a photo and one i'm pretty sure one was a Migrant Hawker.
Lesser Black-Backed Gull a few Herring Gull and Black-Headed Gull have been on many newly ploughed or cultivated fields this past week and Red Kite with numerically more Buzzard have been exciting exponents of the freedom of the sky.
At one of our Tree Sparrow feeding sites a trio of feral Muscovies are taking any easy pickings from under the feeders this is not , by me at least considered a problem because if they are clearing any seed residue they are preventing a potential Rat problem.

Lapwing on plough with the sun making a decent photo difficult

Mute Swans

Muscovy with a rather grubby bill

Grey or English Partridge

Toadstools in my garden

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