Saturday, 31 August 2013

Getting our Neckers in a Twist.

A super sunny day topped off by a BadgeMobile message reporting a Wryneck on the downs above Wantage I drove and parked not far from the reservoir , where incidentally several Wheatears, a Whinchat and a Whitethroat were seen. After about a mile walking along the the track on larkdown a group of birders were seen waving frantically and indicating that the bird was between them and myself, stopping and not wishing to spook the bird I waited for some twenty minutes and then caught a fairly brief glimpse of the Wryneck on the track as it made one of its occasional forays out of the track side herbage. This was a first Wryneck for me so I felt really good but then decided to detour out into the harvested arable field and join the other birders . Managed one more brief view but also took the opportunity to catch up with some of the super birding characters that Oxfordshire is blessed with.
Apparently the waving birders were trying to indicate to me that when I first arrived the bird was actually in a bush but I misinterpreted and spent the time scanning the ground - sometimes I think I should change my posting name from camboy to dumbo.
Busy day Sunday hosting along with Alan Larkman the OOS display at the Wychwood Forest Fair if you can make it please come along and say hello we would love to hear from you and chew the birding fat.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Now Swallow.

Only my second Painted Lady of this year today at Vicarage Pit along with Comma and earlier in the day a rather striking Fly Tachina Fera , another Butterfly the ever pretty Small Copper and a lot of Common Blues plus the day flying Gold Spot Moth .

Thursday, 29 August 2013

It's Much Less Bovver if you don't have to Hover!

Along the Cote back- road this Kestrel was busy catching small prey among the straw left after the combine had been through and a small family of French Partridge just the adults and two chicks were quite close by. Earlier at South Leigh A Tree Sparrow feeding on a feeder displayed rings showing it was a previously ringed bird at this location and proved the importance of year round feeding.
A Silver Washed Fritillary at South Leigh and Small Tortoiseshell both showing signs of wear and tear but a Speckled Wood at Hardwick looked a bit tidier.
                                           Stubble Hunting Kestrel
                                             Tree Sparrow
                                          French Partridge
                                              Silver-Washed Fritillary
                                               Common Damselfly
                                           Tattered Red Admiral

                                           Speckled Wood Butterfly
                                           Garden Carpet Moth

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Images from the past Few Days.

I have been grabbing a moment or two when the opportunity has arisen to photograph our local wildlife.
                                            Looks like Satan.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Arrested today by a stroppy little policeman.

Yeah!  The sight of a Small Copper stopped me in my tracks as this wasn't a Butterfly I had recorded before at Shellingford Quarry and true to form he chased away any intruders entering his territory, later I found another Small Copper along with many Common Blues (over fifty) A Migrant Hawker Dragonfly and a vividly red Dragonfly that done a bunk before I could get a decent look at it, speaking of striking sights another vivid but this time Yellow and I think a Moth also flew off at great speed before I could properly eyeball it.
 Small Copper
Migrant Hawker

Common Darter

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Who's A Pretty Boy Then !

On a day that my plans for booting the rubber wheeled steed to Shellingford Quarry were thwarted by meeting several people that wanted to chatter and then being shown a large pond owned by a mate resulting in only travelling to the outskirts of the village, nevertheless saw a Spotted Flycatcher catching insects from its favourite perch and also Small Copper, Gatekeeper , Comma and Small Skipper. The Buddleia at all its locations is literally covered in Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admirals and assorted Whites. Back in the garden a Common Blue put in an appearance while A Budgerigar suddenly appeared on the bird feeder and stayed for some ten minutes before my visiting Daughter with her curiosity getting the better of her went outside for a closer look and spooked it.


Monday, 19 August 2013

Wham Bam Thank You Mam !

Had a very busy day chasing time , so i'll just post a few snaps and catch up with identification later plus i'm shattered after burning rubber as I booted my trusty rubberised steed to Uffington taking in Baulking Fullers Earth Pit on my return journey. I reckon I have Black Tailed Skimmers having it off but haven't got the energy to look at the rest before I shut my eyes and dream of birds and things.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Bloody Surprise.

Visited a couple of mates heavily involved with the OOS Tree Sparrow Project, and the general concensus is that after two years and a difficult Spring resulting in Spadjers struggling they have made up some leeway due to the recent weather being more agreeable resulting in Insect proliferation, we remain optimistic.While at this location near to the Trout at Tadpole, incidentally a hostelry where the grub is excellent and the service superb. We feed and supply nest boxes for the Spadjers at the Trout with the support of the owners for which we are grateful. Snapped this Blood Veined Moth close to this location.
 Blood-Vein Moth
 The Eyes Have It
One for the silent majority ? My guess either Painted Lady or Small Tortoiseshell.