Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sky High.

Parked on the field at the corner junction of the Letcombe/Lambourne  road and walked alongside Letcombe field in an easterly direction. I noticed that the usual background sound of Skylark song was missing and the reason soon became apparent when a low flying Merlin zipped by, its appearance giving me an adrenalin rush as this super little bird, although not often seen, always excites me. There was another surprise awaiting me shortly after when a pair of Little Egrets were on some surface water left by the recent storms I have never seen them previously on these mainly arable fields , but as the Letcombe Cress Beds are only about a mile or so as the Egret flies I guess it makes sense.
Five Red Kites were on the prowl along with a couple of Buzzards but not much in the way of small farmland birds apart from a few Chaffinch, at least that was until I returned the way I had come and now noticed the songs of many Skylarks filling the air, as they rose higher and higher into the blue of the heavens, (yes! it was actually sunny) difficult to tell how many Skylark were in voice , I estimate a dozen.
The Oxon Feather.
                                            Little Egrets
                                          Red Kite
                                          Little Egret in flight


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