Saturday, 17 May 2014

Whitethroat but mostly Buts and Moths.

With really gorgeous if somewhat belated spring weather a jaunt across the downs seemed a good idea on Friday following a fleeting visit on Thursday to Hardwick, walking alongside the Windrush was pretty good but clinging on to some of the steep rises of the downs was exhilarating especially when taking into account some super butterflies like Green Hairstreak, Dingy Skipper and the micro moth Pyrausta Purpuralis,  Wood Tiger capped by a Whitethroat that actually sat and posed. Gosh! When the sun is shining at this time of year, before the heat gets a bit too much, and new life is emerging it really is rather special.
The Oxon Feather.
                                           Wood Tiger
                                           Dingy Skipper
                                             Banded Demoiselle
                                                   Not sure about this one
                                          Crane-Fly possibly Tipula Oleracea
                                              Green Hairstreak
                                            Wood Tiger
                                          The beautiful Micro Pyrausta Purpuralis
                                           Stock Dove in the garden

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