Friday, 22 February 2013

Alongside the Lasher

As soon as I got out of the car the intense cold wrapped itself round me freezing my hands and stinging my face. I had parked by the path on the Witney to New Mill road, and took the winding footpath that runs down to the lasher field, after hopping over the stile I was rather taken aback by the sudden appearance and flight of a Green Sandpiper that settled a little further away. A walk to the lasher confirmed my suspicions that there is far too much water coming down the Windrush at the present time to offer any attraction for the Dipper.
A continuing walk round the meadow turned up a pair of Mistle Thrush and soon after a pair of Meadow Pippit, with the cold now becoming increasingly uncomfortable it was away to join a friend for a bite at the Harcourt Arms, and very nice it was too particularly as I had forgotten my wallet (at least thats my story -and i'm sticking to it) and my mate paid.
Mistle Thrush

Meadow Pippit

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