Sunday, 3 February 2013

I Wonder Why.

A couple of seasons ago in the village of Aston just up the road from me I enjoyed the magnificent sight of a flock of Waxwings feeding on the berries of a tree and because of the lack of natural food in their usual winter haunts, this year has seen Oxfordshire along with the rest of Britain seeing large numbers of these delightful birds. The tree in question has again produced copious amounts of berries but for some unfathomable reason not a Waxwing has been noted in our locality in fact the nearest they were reported from were just a few briefly at the nearby Chimney Meadows. The berries are now rotting and it leaves me wondering why, when there has been a desperate shortage of this type of food for not only Waxwings but also Winter Thrush that this tree has been overlooked. Another bird noticeable by its complete absence in my garden has been Yellowhammer and once again i'm not sure why unless due to the hard winter they moved further south this year. camboy

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