Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lonesome Swan

A recent trip to Shellingford Quarry gave a reminder of just how brutal nature can be with the sparse remains of a Mute Swan, probably taken by a Fox or less likely a Badger leaving the Swans mate forlornly swimming rather aimlessly around the now quite large expanse of water. Local birder Robert had discovered the body of a Tawny Owl close by although the death of this bird is almost certainly due to the desperate shortage of small rodents that have been drowned in the persistent and heavy rain we have experienced.
On a brighter note four delightful Yellow Wagtail, one Common Snipe, one Gadwall and a large field of Cowslips.

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  1. Hi Barry, I was just wondering if there is public access to Shellingford Quarry? I live in Faringdon and i was looking to visit it some time. Great Blog by the way!