Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Turtle Hurtles into Buscot.

The Turtle Dove that has purred away in Buscot for the last Five or six years has flown many -a- mile, managed to avoid blood crazy songbird murderer's and is purtling away again I will be saying "hello old friend" as soon as I can get there but it will be after the Oxford Ornithological Society Annual General Meeting Wednesday 8th May at 7.45pm held as usual at Stratfield Brake Kidlington.
We are to hear two first class talks from Ian Lewington : 'Arcticfest' when I have an inkling Gulls may be mentioned and Sir Clive Elliott : 'Birds of Mainland Ecuador' when birds i've probably never heard of before may be mentioned.
My thanks to one of Oxfordshire's leading birders Dr Bill Haynesfor telling me the hurtling turtling Dove is back.


  1. Dear Uncle Camboy... We've been pool cleaning... well Darryl has! Lots of frogs (common and marsh) and newts. Also, what we believe to be dragonfly larvae. Hope you're well

    Niece Karen xxx

  2. Hi K,
    Have you managed to get a new computer - hope so. would have liked to have seen what the creatures you fished out of the pool.
    Hope everyone's is well, take care , Uncle Camboy.