Friday, 15 November 2013

Another High Brow- Eyebrow.

A round trip of some five plus miles over mostly water meadow terrain starting in Stanford in the Vale and walking to Goosey on the Green and then on towards Challow Station (actually there is no station now -due to the Beeching axe in the seventies) gave me a count of about sixty Redwing and forty Fieldfare also a couple of Buzzard along with A Great Spotted Woodpecker and  mixture of Finches including Green, Gold, Chaff and a pair of the striking Bullfinch. The Tit family were represented by Blue, Great and Long- Tailed. Flocks of Starlings were feeding in the meadows and in one instance they were sharing the pasture with Fieldfare . Several Roe Deer were noted.
The Oxonfeather.
       Starlings perching and imitating everything from a plane to a car backfiring
 The rear of the quaint Goosey church that I know so well from my childhood
                     Found this spider on one of my OS maps - perhaps it's lost
                       Even after some early morning frosts a few flowers are blooming

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