Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rave On - Not Today

Found time for a trip to the ridgeway in the White Horse Hill area hoping to clock the Ravens that were about last week when I roamed this way.
No Ravens today but two Bullfinch, two Stonechat,Six Red Kite, one Kestrel, twenty five Fieldfare, two Mistle Thrush and one Jenny Wren were recorded.
The Oxon Feather.
                                         Pretty good rear view of Stonechat   
                                       Fieldfare - posing
                                     Red Kite resting
                        Rushed pic of elusive Bullfinch
                                          Male Stonechat
                                        Stonechat getting the wind up
                                        Long distance shot of Mistle Thrush
                                         Distant shot of Kestrel
                                        The eye of the horse
The Shrivenham wind turbines - good or bad you tell me
                South west from the ridgeway
                     Another Stonechat pic.
  The eye of the white horse looks out over the valley

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