Saturday, 21 December 2013

Under - rated Falcated

The wet and windy conditions meant the water on Dix Pit was choppy making it difficult to get decent photos of this Teal-like beauty even King Camera struggled although later on that other superb oxon camera-man Stephen Burch managed to take what he described as a record shot but by my standards it looked pretty much ok especially considering the conditions. The bird gave reasonable but distant views as it bobbed up and down sometimes in comparative isolation but mostly close to the many Tufted that were also riding the often substantial wind driven waves.
I saw Reed Bunting and Goldeneye and it was while I attempted to photograph this striking Duck that my camera informed me there was no card in the camera this meant I had to resort to the camcorder I keep as back-up in my car and very inferior in performance consequently giving the really poor shot i'm posting, I can't describe it as a record shot as it is more like a shot record.
The Oxon Feather.

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