Friday, 4 April 2014

I Rang You And You Rang Back.

Further to my previous blog entry and having talked to "his birding holiness" the multi -  talented Lew  I wish to make very clear my support for Twitching in general and our local well behaved compassionate Twitchers in particular. The point I tried to make is my abhorrence of the unnecessary harassment of  our wildlife by a minority of thoughtless single minded people, a good example is the stone throwers who have a disregard for the welfare of the bird they are twitching and are prepared to resort to this sort of disturbance .
Now for a conundrum, at Hardwick yesterday I encountered both Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler singing, and so dear blog reader I would like you to tell me the identity of the bird I have posted with this entry, as identification could not be confirmed by voice due to the close proximity of the birds.
The Oxon Feather.
 There really should be a prize for the first correct entry but as I do not know the answer I can save my money and follow one of my favourite pastimes of being a nasty old meanie.


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