Thursday, 3 April 2014

Don't Ring Me I'll Ring You.

Recent emotive comments regarding an unfortunate and sad accident to an Otmoor Barn Owl demonstrate the compassion that birders feel for our feathered friends. I have to admit to having reservations to the wholesale ringing of birds particularly those species that over many years have contributed virtually nothing to the science and understanding of them and believe a review is overdue .
I would also like put things in perspective, this unfortunate bird has made the local birding news because it is such a rare event, and we are all guilty of driving motor cars - by far the biggest killers of Barn Owls but I guess nobody is going to throw away their car keys.
The main reason I don't twitch is what appears to me the often apparent persecution of disorientated and confused birds by hordes of , I must admit mainly caring and thoughtful twitchers, but also a few that put these birds under intense pressure.
The Oxon Feather.
 Twitching Red Kites in the Garden.


  1. I bet you'd twitch an un-ringed Woody given the chance.

    1. Hi Rog, Do you know where there are any Woodies? Only i've been stalking easier stuff like Quail but i'm beginning to think they have been away for the winter as its been four months and not a sniff.
      The Feather.