Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hurtle to the Turtle.

                                          Micro Moth Scoparia Pyralella
No! I didn't exactly hurtle to the Turtle as family commitments dictated I could not get across to Denchworth  until about 8.00 pm which I consequently did. This bird had been reported by RBA and Oxford Blogged by the bold Badger and on getting out of the car I could hear it turtling away at the top of an oak tree. I managed to get a few distant snaps before it flew to another part of the village. This is a most gratifying sighting after the loss of the Buscot Turtle Dove that has not been seen or heard this year after some five years of making Buscot its summer home. Hover Fly possible  Sphaerophoria Mentharastri
The Oxon Feather.

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