Tuesday, 8 July 2014

King - Rat.

A walk on Otmoor in the vain hope that I would clock the Scarce Chaser Dragonfly and also the Great White Egret that is currently flying around the counties watering holes proved to be just that, ie full of hope but ending in despair. Not all was lost however as I had the good fortune to meet King Camera himself (Roger Wyatt) and an interesting chat with him was time very well spent, in fact with time running out we decided to walk back to the car park together. On our way we stopped at the birdseed feeders and a couple of Brown Rats were utilising the feeders by either climbing into the failing "vermin proof" feeders or mopping up any seed on the ground, a Pheasant was also helping itself to this bounty, the Pheasant and the Rat would occasionally spar with each other and it was unclear who the victor was although I suspect it was probably the Pheasant. Earlier a trip into Bampton to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy left me with quarter of an hour to kill as they were closed for their dinner hour , so a walk in the peaceful surroundings of the local cemetery gave me the small but not unattractive Gatekeeper Butterfly.
The Oxon Feather.
                                          Brown Rat
                                          Greater-Spotted Woodpecker

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