Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Land of the Dragon.

Returned from a ten day trip to Wales visiting a brother and sister and of course in-laws and nephews nieces etc although we are not Welsh my sister and brother-in-law have owned a caravan park for the last thirty years at Llangybi situated on top of a mountain not far from Lampeter and make a caravan available for me to stay there for free whenever circumstances allow. Randall who I care for went into the Grange care centre for respite thereby making this all possible. If you wish you can google  Moorlands Caravan Park llangybi to give yourself an idea of what i'm talking about, my sister is Valerie Edwards.
Whenever I get the chance to visit them I spend most of my time on a local nature reserve known as Cors Caron a unique tract of land running to some two thousand acres and consisting of a raised bog and indeed it is known locally as Tregaron Bog and is the home to many Dragonflies including at least three that were new to me this time namely Golden Ringed, Keeled Skimmer and Black Darter. Many other plants and fauna inhabit this unusual environment including Sundew and Sphagnum Moss, while Adders and Lizard are present and the latter I saw on the boardwalk that runs for a very long way getting one into the heart of the bog.
My Niece Karen has married into the farming community so a trip round three other farms was on the agenda with Karen's son Daryl showing me the local natural diversity, the highlight being a large pond in the middle of a marsh that was remote but alive with a great deal of insect life that needed several days of attention as it appeared to be a real natural resource, at least the farmer has told me i'm welcome to visit it whenever i'm in the vicinity. Apart from the usual Red Kites and Buzzards a pair of Ravens and a couple of elusive small birds on the bog that could well have been Reed Warbler.
The Oxon Feather.
                                            Gold-Ringed Dragonfly

                                           Black Darter

                                           Keeled Skimmer

                                           Brother Roy
                                          Sister Val. Below a view across the bog with mountain behind

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