Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Room With A View

With rather a lot of things to do lately my birding has been restricted to views from the car of wind-blown Winter Thrushes desperately struggling to find in the now Haw depleted hedges, food, and as is usual they are moving on to less favourite fare such as Cotoneaster, the fields will also be utilised later for invertebrates although so many fields in my patch are carrying great swathes of flood water with Buzzard feeding apparently on the drowned worms that have surfaced and probably also taking Slugs that are quite likely toxic following many applications of Slug Pellets.
From my kitchen I am able to look over my neighbours orchard and garden and take ocassional photos that are of poor quality for as all of you who "butter the shutter" know taking pics through a window seriously down grades them.
Since the devastating loss of my Linner last January my continuing desperation has been helped by the many birding contacts i'm so lucky to meet and also by a Niece living in Plymouth (Charlotte) and by another Niece (Karen) living in Wales who see loads of Siskins and Nuthatch high up on a mountain in the Lampeter area. Both of these wonderful girls write to me regularly - Thanks to both of you.
I will be writing my "piece" for the Oxford Times shortly and a Christmas theme seems appropriate so if any of you have an interesting anecdote about Robin Redbreast please pass it on and I will see if I can include it. Speaking of the articles myself and Clackers write for this super local weekly newspaper, in last weeks edition Clackers wrote in my opinion a magnificent article, I suggest you see if you can get hold of a copy.

Blue Tit

Haw,Haw, Haw it's enough to make me laugh.

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