Monday, 26 November 2012

No Lark-man but plenty of others.

The ever spiritually up-lifting Pat Wixey called in today to advise me on the best  place to put the newly acquired Owl Box that has recently been made up for me, and after sorting a tree that Pat thought had the potential of attracting any one of our more common Owls including Little Owl, Barn Owl or Tawny Owl, I now look forward to a future of hopefully sharing my garden with any one of them rather than just hearing the occasionl too-whit-tu-woo.
We then motored over to Dr Alan Larkmans' place as he recently told me he is getting three Brambling at Meadow Farmhouse. Alan is just about one of the most interesting people I have the good fortune to count as a friend and after we chewed the birding fat for a while to give a chance for the birds to resettle after our entrance a stunning assortment of birds were putting on a display with some forty Chaffinch, four Yellowhammer, six Linnet, four Brambling, a dozen or so Tree Sparrow, eight Reed Bunting, sixty Fieldfare, five Redwing, two hundred Starling and the usual Tits and more common fare such as Robin.
Hoots Mon! its an Owls home-eventually-I hope 




Fungi - Any ideas ?


Crumby photo of Brambling

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