Thursday, 15 November 2012

If the cap fits-wear it.

Two little gems have appeared in my next door neighbours garden (Lord Donnagamore-Yeah I really bring the level down from very posh to really common) that have given me good views from my kitchen window, A Blackcap and a dainty tireless little Goldcrest. Also a partially white Blackbird has been putting in a regular appearance. The garden has been preventing me suffering birding withdrawal symptoms as i've been tied up with 'things' keeping me at home.
My late lovely Linda's favourite bird was Goldcrest and Lewbelu Lewington very kindly sold me a fantastic painting he painted of this exotic bird (not a print) that hangs just two yards from where i'm sat and she was able to enjoy this painting before her death. Be warned Lewbelu doesn't usually do this. I suspect he wanted to show his gratitude for all the times i've had to put him right when he has identified birds wrongly - if you believe that last sentence you must be from planet Zog.
Blue Tit pretending to be The Lone Ranger

Black & White Blackbird

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