Saturday, 31 August 2013

Getting our Neckers in a Twist.

A super sunny day topped off by a BadgeMobile message reporting a Wryneck on the downs above Wantage I drove and parked not far from the reservoir , where incidentally several Wheatears, a Whinchat and a Whitethroat were seen. After about a mile walking along the the track on larkdown a group of birders were seen waving frantically and indicating that the bird was between them and myself, stopping and not wishing to spook the bird I waited for some twenty minutes and then caught a fairly brief glimpse of the Wryneck on the track as it made one of its occasional forays out of the track side herbage. This was a first Wryneck for me so I felt really good but then decided to detour out into the harvested arable field and join the other birders . Managed one more brief view but also took the opportunity to catch up with some of the super birding characters that Oxfordshire is blessed with.
Apparently the waving birders were trying to indicate to me that when I first arrived the bird was actually in a bush but I misinterpreted and spent the time scanning the ground - sometimes I think I should change my posting name from camboy to dumbo.
Busy day Sunday hosting along with Alan Larkman the OOS display at the Wychwood Forest Fair if you can make it please come along and say hello we would love to hear from you and chew the birding fat.

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