Friday, 16 August 2013

Bloody Surprise.

Visited a couple of mates heavily involved with the OOS Tree Sparrow Project, and the general concensus is that after two years and a difficult Spring resulting in Spadjers struggling they have made up some leeway due to the recent weather being more agreeable resulting in Insect proliferation, we remain optimistic.While at this location near to the Trout at Tadpole, incidentally a hostelry where the grub is excellent and the service superb. We feed and supply nest boxes for the Spadjers at the Trout with the support of the owners for which we are grateful. Snapped this Blood Veined Moth close to this location.
 Blood-Vein Moth
 The Eyes Have It
One for the silent majority ? My guess either Painted Lady or Small Tortoiseshell.

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