Thursday, 29 August 2013

It's Much Less Bovver if you don't have to Hover!

Along the Cote back- road this Kestrel was busy catching small prey among the straw left after the combine had been through and a small family of French Partridge just the adults and two chicks were quite close by. Earlier at South Leigh A Tree Sparrow feeding on a feeder displayed rings showing it was a previously ringed bird at this location and proved the importance of year round feeding.
A Silver Washed Fritillary at South Leigh and Small Tortoiseshell both showing signs of wear and tear but a Speckled Wood at Hardwick looked a bit tidier.
                                           Stubble Hunting Kestrel
                                             Tree Sparrow
                                          French Partridge
                                              Silver-Washed Fritillary
                                               Common Damselfly
                                           Tattered Red Admiral

                                           Speckled Wood Butterfly
                                           Garden Carpet Moth

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