Thursday, 9 January 2014

Beady Eyes that Scrutinise.

So busy with those mundane matters of life that require one to attend to, but managed to get a look at some of the floodwater that's laying over the land along the Thames Corridor. The Cote back road gave me close views of two Egyptian Geese that were feeding adjacent to a small pool of water laying near the road in the company of eight Mute Swans. A flooded field to the east of the Bampton to Tadpole road gave every indication that the flying flock I noted, of some one hundred and fifty birds were Golden Plover, although I say this with no certainty as my obvious priority was to drive safely.
Tomorrow I get professional carers looking after my B-I-Law (as is the norm for a Friday) for some six hours giving me more time than I usually get to go birding so I intend to peruse more of the flooded fields in the Stanford vicinity and hopefully turn up something of interest.
The Oxon Feather.

                                           Low Flying Red Kite

                                           Untidy Red Kite

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