Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pipped !

Beating at Carswell Marsh today, Tuesday, this was the beaters day and the last days shooting of the current season on this shoot. I did not take my shotgun although entitled and invited to do so as my pleasure on shooting days is to note the wildlife that is disturbed due to shoot-day activities and I no longer personally get any pleasure from killing the game and natural wildlife that is present.
The first birds I saw on approaching the farm yard scratching about in a patch of aging grass were a pair of fairly confiding Meadow Pippits and on the farm garden feeders were numerous Sparrows, assorted Tits and several Finch species. Out in the fields several Common Snipe, large flocks of Black-H Gulls, a couple of Buzzard, several hundred Lapwings, four Mute Swans on flood water and three Red Kites were the only bird interest.
The Oxon Feather.
                                          Meadow Pippit
                                               Red Kite
                                           Distant Mute Swan.
                                        Still plenty of water about.

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