Friday, 10 January 2014

It's just The Oxon Feather Chatting Again.

My intended plan to to look at the flooded fields in the Stanford area took on a change when after several sites of seeing only LB-B Gulls and B-Headed Gulls I headed for Baulking Fullers Earth Pit looking for a bit more interest.
Parking on the rather squelching saturated road verge and passing through several kissing gates I viewed the, now at capacity pit, and noticed the usual gradual movement of water birds as they moved away from me to the far side, quite often there are dog walkers and the birds carry out this procedure each time and when there are several doggers the birds end up in the centre. A pair of Widgeon, Thirty Tufted and a pair of Great Crested Grebe along with the usual Coots and Mallard, in truth I didn't spend long looking at the duck flocks as I had now made up my mind to motor on to the ridge way and have a look at what was about up there. As I made my way back to the car A flock of a dozen Fieldfare were seen and a beautiful Green Woodpecker gave me a camera opportunity as it climbed a large willow.
Parking on the Ridgeway and walking eastwards to the rear of White Horse Hill A pretty good sighting was a small flock of twelve Corn Bunting in the hedgerow. When I reached the rear of WHHill I took the bridleway leading south and walked in the very cold wind toward Lambourn eventually reaching the Gallops used by the Lambourne Racehorse Trainers to exercise and trial their charges. It was rather bleak and and all I noted was a Red Kite, one Skylark and two Long-Tailed Tits. I retraced my steps gaining the familiar Ridgeway trail and had the great pleasure of seeing and photographing the wintering pair of Stonechats and a Kestrel that I watched hover and then drop on to an item of prey. Other birds I recall seeing today were two Jenny Wrens,twenty Linnets, five Kestrel six Red Kite and one Buzzard.
The Oxon Feather.
                                             Male Stonechat
                                            Female Stonechat
                                            Green Woodpecker
                                            Red Kite departing in a hurry
                                             Great Crested Grebes
                                             Kestrel on prey



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    The Oxon Feather.