Monday, 3 March 2014

Bubble & Creep.

Much better weather today and I even used the bike to pick up my daily ration of bad news (newspaper) from the local Coop. Later I utilised my car as the trip to Buckland was too far in the time I had to get back in time for a 4.00pm appointment.
Although I never saw the Curlew it was unmistakable from the bubbling call these waders make, their song is one of the most welcome of late Winter/early Spring sounds heralding the promise of better things to come although unfortunately in recent times they have struggled to breed successfully with late heavy rain destroying most of their breeding attempts.
Earlier I had delighted in some rather intermittent views of a Tree Creeper as it spiraled and flitted among the trees. Thirty Redwing were resting in a distant tree and a Kestrel caught prey in a nearby field.
The Oxon Feather.

                                       Rainbow on the Ridgeway - A couple of days ago.
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