Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Wood Pigeon Challenge.

King Camera (Roger Wyatt) has thrown down the gauntlet posting on oxon bird log a picture of a Ring-Necked Dove now i'm guessing the king must have had a senior moment, when you consider this is the artist that has given us such great photos as Rough-Legged Buzzard and rare pictures of Oxon Quail, could this be a wind up? I reckon so nevertheless it now remains for the rest of us lesser snipper snappers to take up the challenge and my contribution is the Woodie i've posted today that I snapped up on the downs at Segsbury Camp.
A Yellowhammer looking cold and a bit bedraggled was on the ridgeway above Crockle, the female Kestrel was up at Segsbury Camp and the Red Kite was taken in my garden. Only other significant happening today , at least it was for me, was making the decision to walk the ridgeway without a jacket or coat this tuned out to be stupid in the extreme as I suffered hail stones and a battering from the bitter wind, just remember folks it's worse for me I have to live with me.
The Oxon Feather.


  1. Well done Barry your woody takes the prize!

    1. Your Majesty - It's hardly a Quail pic.
      Your Servant, The Oxon Feather.