Tuesday, 25 March 2014

No Reason to put out the Bunting

With time being at a premium lately due to non-birding activities my chances of finding much of interest were slim , and so it has proven to be, nevertheless if you can keep your interest span alive for a few minutes I will let you know the outcome of a brief trip, that took me from S-i-t Vale through Eynsham and skirted Glympton returning via Shellingford Quarry to S-i-t Vale.
I reckon I saw six Buzzard including one showing a lot of white on the rump, staying with Raptors three Kestrel and six Red Kite were noted. Along the Eynsham straight I saw eight Reed Bunting, four Yellowhammer and fourteen Stock Dove. At the Quarry were ten Teal, twelve Tufted, eight Mallard, two Great Crested Grebe, one Grey Heron and four Canada Geese. This was a couple of days ago and although it was quite bright the very cold wind played a game of attempted frost - bite with my fingers.
The Oxon Feather.
                                          Reed Bunting
                                           Distant Stock Doves
                                            Tufted Duck through the herbage
                                          Sleepy-time G-C Grebes

                                                 Red Kite with the sun in its eyes
                     Massy/Fergie  my cousin has recently done up

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