Saturday, 18 August 2012

None Of Us Are Guiltless.

Ok so the hedges have given way to huge fields that are mostly wildlife unfriendly and just who is responsible for this sorry state of affairs ? The finger is usually pointed at the rich and privileged and of course they are the people able to exploit a situation brought about by YOU and ME I can hear the shrieks of not me sir oh no not me, in that case tell me who it was that dashed out and took advantage of the two for one and the really cheap Tesco and other similar corporations deals brought about by the screwing down of our farmers and the buying on lowest price only, even if it meant buying abroad and compromising on food safety and more especially on farm animal welfare, so WE the greedy majority could stack up our trolleys and come away from the superstores rubbing our hands and of course most of us still are . So when we take all this on board and practise ethical buying I feel we will have the right to shout louder.
The large landowners have become large because farm incomes have been squeezed by supermarkets resulting in "scale of production" ie a 300 acre mixed farm would have a staff requirement of say 4 plus 4 tractors whereas a 4,000acre arable farm could possibily get by on even less staff using bigger and more powerful equipment and a monoculture crop regime growing a three crop rotation and farming out of  cans of poisons and fertilizers often with no farmed animal inputs.
How many of you have written to the Newbury MP come on now hands up mmmm funny I can't see many hands up I wonder why OK another question who did you vote for last time ? let me guess conservative mainly because the party looked the best bet to keep your taxes down, now silly old me voted for the greens but I seem to have been virtually on my own in West Oxfordshire but I voted on points of principle what a real dumbo I am. If you really want change do it at the ballot box because believe me the revolution aint gonna happen.
So if YOU really want things to change get your pens out and write to all the people you think are doing wrong and tell them why and if enough of us do that there's a chance they might change their stance for most of them are flexible like their principals.
Farming out of a can of poison in a huge field where the horizon is the only feature.

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