Friday, 31 August 2012

It Was Bugging Me.

The Micro Moth previously posted, that apparently none of you were able to identify and as I became more and more determined to name, eventually resorting to emailing the "great bugger" himself Richard Lewington.
So hurrah ! At last I now know the little devil flitting about in the early evening at Hardwick is----- wait for it durrumm da da da durrumm  Common Tortricid Moth - Celypha Lacunana so there you have it and of course my thanks go to Richard, although he did mention that "it was a crap photo" (not in those words) he obviously doesn't read my blog or he would have known the photo was par for my course.
Haven't had time to insult or upset anyone lately or get out into the marvellous, even if this year it has been mainly wet and grey Oxon countryside, due to a combination of visiting friends in hospital, family commitments, and OOS responsibilities. The Oxford Ornithology Society is exhibiting at the Wychwood Forest Fair this sunday 2nd September please make a point of making yourself known to me. Our stand will be alongside the Pat Wixey OOS Barn Owl Project and also sharing our space will be Louise Spicer who does so much for the farmland birds in the Charlbury/Chippy area. Another date for your diary is the upcoming Thames Water Bioblitz/OOS Farmoor Open Day when along with a huge list of activities we will be holding an evening Gull Roost Watch led by Ian Lewington and holding a feather identification competition with a first prize of an Ian Lewington framed bird print, a second prize of the paper back edition of the Collins Bird Guide and the third prize is a three dimensional framed picture of a Golden Eagle, this free event is to be held on Sunday 16th September and I will give out more details shortly.
Common Tortricid Moth - Celypha Lacunana Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the better shots. There is a marginally better picture on "Out in the Cold" a previous recent blog entry.

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