Sunday, 26 August 2012

Out in the Cold.

Oh! how lucky you have all been not having to listen to my coughing and spluttering as i've suffered a heavy summer cold that has left me rather weak, have carried on with my Tree Sparrow feeding duties and would like to tell you how i've suffered in silence but in truth I don't do suffering or silence very well and yesterday (Sunday ) was my first recent venturing out for the mere sake of gratifying my insatiable quest for enlightment of the natural world.
A trip to the Eynsham area with a bag of millet for one of our Tree Sparrow volunteers gave me the opportunity to call in at firstly Vicarage Pit and later at Hardwick and I will leave you with a few photos  that I will leave you to name in the comments box as I ought to get to bed because i've just woken up in front of the telly and noticed the time is 1.45 am.



  1. Aha! I see you have no comments camboy, yeah I know it looks as if most of my readers are more asleep mid-day than I am at 1.45am.still i've looked at the damselfly and I think it's a White-Legged Damselfly although I managed in my sleepy stupor to post a couple of the not so good photos so if they get it wrong it will be forgiveable.Not yet any idea which Micro Moth it is.

  2. The Damsel is female Common Blue Damselfly.... Enallagma cyathigerum.

    The Micro moth ... can name when I get home from God's Country. I caught one the other day but if you think I can recall the name without the new Micro Moth book; you are joking.

  3. I hesitate to question your identification skills but I thought it was a white legged and checked it with Lew who also thought like me it was W-LD of course I can be wrong and often am. I feel like i'm satan questioning your opinion especially as you are in gods own country and quite possibly using divine intervention, nevertheless if you are up on top of Snowdon the mist or heavy rain could be playing havoc with your eyesight. Looking forward to seeing you back in the devils den. (England)