Monday, 13 August 2012

Well I'll Be Dog-Gone.

Had a look for the Dipper between Crawley and New Mill this morning but i'm afraid I failed to connect although I did get a flock of in excess of seventy Goldfinch, a Heron and a gull flock of around one hundred and fifty individuals mainly Black-headed Gulls and a few Herring Gull. The rushey water meadows are an ideal site for Snipe and the straggley hedges typical of Redstart habitat, so why were they not there? Well a major factor must be the unleashed dogs, I guess I saw several dozen walkers and with the exception of about three without dogs all the others were accompanied by their pooches or at least when the curs decided to stay with their owners that is. It's a pity more and more people seem to be unable to make human friends and have to resort to a dumb and rather brainless animal for company that knows no better than to see its human  owner as a pack leader. Of course I know we can't just bump them off but I am very tempted to take a couple of bricks with me another time and use them on the dogs as a method of castration and for the bitches book them in at the nearest vets for an operation - a bit harsh I hear you say but I reckon any wildlife living and breeding less than a yard from ground level can not breed due to dog predation so it seems reasonable to me to even up the score.

The Dogs Bollocks before being introduced to a pair of bricks
Purple Loosestrife

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  1. Hi! Who's That ? Well it's camboy of course, but I/we thought this comment box was for others to comment in well it sorta is but apparently everbody thinks i'm always right even when I choose an emotive subject like "I Hate Your Dog" So my question today is When is a dog not a dog? My own answer is, when camboy has flattened its bollocks between two bricks and it takes off skywards at incredible speed and becomes a Rocket.
    I must comment on my other great love of domestic animals that are "good" for the countryside, that's criminal cats and their moggy loving owners but I think thats enough hate for now.