Wednesday, 16 January 2013


As the daylight slowly lengthens so the eternal life cycle of the wild begins to kick in, I noticed a couple of Hares "boxing" on the marsh yesterday and several Blackbirds were behaving somewhat amorously no doubt due to the extra daylight triggering arousal (I know the feeling). With 100 Lapwing 1 Tawney Owl 1 Grey Heron 1 Woodcock 1 Jay 1 Sparrowhawk and a Song Thrush I noticed a dearth of small farmland birds. Th
is morning at St-in-the-Vale through the kitchen window feeding on the seed etc I had spread for them were 30 Starling 20 Chaffinch 2 Dunnock 2 Fieldfare 2 Rook 6 Jackdaw 1 Reed Bunting 1 Grey Wagtail 1 Mistle Thrush 20 House Sparrow 3 Blue Tit 2 Great Tit and 2 Magpie camboy


  1. Hi Camboy,
    Sparrowhawk grabbed a curlew this morning, outside my flat window! Never seen anything like it! Your blog's great, by the way, take care and keep 'birding'.
    Your Loving Niece, Karen xxx

  2. Cripes! Karen, whatever was a Curlew doing so close? super bird though so is the Sparrowhawk and so are you.
    Enjoying your latest letter, take care.
    Uncle Camboy.

  3. Whatever was a Curlew doing so close? How would I know! Getting its head kicked in???

    The sparrowhawk bought it down but flew off after seeing my ugly-mug! The curlew? Limped off, ruffled its feathers and hopped away! I didn't even recognise it until Darryl and I searched the Reader's Digest Bird Book!!! That curved beak was something else!

    Take Care, Karen xxx

  4. I suspect it was entranced by your beauty and couldn't take its eyes off you, I guess the Sparrowhawk is now a very hungry bird, I hope the Curlew made it but the chances are what with the weather it will probably perish.
    Great to hear from you, Uncle Camboy.