Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Shot Away!

Kindly invited as usual to the Stanford-in-the-Vale shoot yesterday when the highlight was two flocks of Linnets numbering thirty and sixty also fifteen Grey or English Partridge were noted and happily they broke away from where any guns that were in range, although the instruction is to not shoot them many shooters are unable to differentiate between them and the Red Legs so it looks as if we will have a good breeding stock left because we will probably only shoot once more before the end of the season.
Because of the flooded state of the ground this was only the second time we have been able to shoot so we found a few Pheasant about and I think the total bag was twelve or thirteen my own tally was three chances and two birds cleanly killed, this brace is now at my daughters (Neetie) she has asked me how to skin them to expose just the breast meat for this meat is really the only meat on the bird worth using and cubed and flavoured makes a marvellous casserole.
A handsome red Fox was seen.
Lovely Linnet in breeding plumage snapped at Buckland last spring.

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