Thursday, 3 January 2013

Haring About.

Kicked off at the Baulking Fullers Earth Pit where a charm of some forty Goldfinch were flitting about and feeding on the many teasels, close by on the water were circa one hundred Mallard, fifty Wigeon,fifty Pochard, forty Tufted Duck and a lone Cormorant.
On to Goosey Wick to check on a really good field containing lots of Chickweed that I discovered early last year but unfortunately the field has since been ploughed so instead of a field full of assorted Finches it was rather lifeless apart from a Hare that remained in its form some twelve yards away as I photographed it.
Next a visit to Buckland to look at the floods from an elevated position, only birds noted at this location were six Long Tailed Tits, one Kestrel and one Red Kite.
Hare sitting tight in its form

Floods looking from Buckland

And Again.

Straw Snake on Buckland Cottage

Straw Chickens on neighbours

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