Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Caw! Jack.

Close by Shellingford crossroads there is a field of unharvested Maize on which a build-up of Corvids and Wood pigeon has gradually reached huge proportions, running on from there alongside the road to Hatford on what I think are distant game strips and even closer to Hatford on bare ploughland, massive numbers of mainly Rook and Jackdaw probably in excess of four thousand spread over several fields make for an unusual display.
Some fifty Teal and twenty two Snipe were the interest at the Shellingford Quarry with a few Winter Thrush and small mixed Finch flock, only other birds were Red Kite and Kestrel. Oh! yes the two Mute Swan are back.
Earlier at Chimney and along the approach road from Aston many Gulls were still on the flood water including about a dozen Lesser Black-Backed Gull I didn't spend time sorting out possible rareties as I didn't want to become as sad as my Larimaniacal friends, suffice to say there were very many Black-Headed Gulls. Winter Thrush, Finch flocks and Pied Wagtail were present and Red Kite and Kestrel were in evidence but the most impressive was the miles of flood water and I joined a couple at a gate looking over this vast expanse of water and suggested it looked an ideal site for a housing estate i'm afraid my humour was lost on them.
Small part of Corvid Flock


Future housing estate

right of the great brook looking east

left side still looking east

the now much greater Great Brook looking west, the brook is the water running down between the trees 

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