Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bampton Environs.

I have been walking the countryside between Bampton and the Thames, this is historically a flood plain that with drainage allows arable farming over large parts of it but, benefits from government funding returning sections of it to species rich grassland.
I guess the highlight was the twenty Skylark in part of one of these fields with nine in the air at one time, their trilling lifted my spirits as they soared ever higher before once again descending in stages  earthwards. A Cuckoo that called for an age as I sat on a stile eventually flew rapidly past me hotly pursued by a small bird, probably a Blue Tit that tenaciously appeared to be seeing the Cuckoo off .
Many Warblers were seen and also a Raven. A Kingfisher flashed along the stream and a couple of Snails climbed, albeit it very slowly up a tree trunk, a day flying moth I think possibly Red Twin-Spot Carpet put in an appearance (the Gnome will hopefully put me right on that one).
A Chiffchaff gave me a distant photo opportunity but a very busy insect hunting Blackcap was far too engrossed in his jerky quest and eventually flew away without ever giving me any chance of a pic.

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