Sunday, 12 May 2013

Yep! It's Sunday and it's raining.

With Tree Sparrows recently hatched on some of our sites I have been desperately hoping for some fine and "Insecty" weather but no; once again and following last seasons breeding pattern the rain is dominating making life difficult and death quite likely for our early broods.
With family duties predominating it has been a struggle to get out into the countryside I love so much with a consequent dearth of the usual springtime species I would have expected to enjoy. Hobby, Wheatear, Redstart and Cuckoo have all been sorely missed although some compensation with the Ravens,Chub and several Fox in particular a fine dog Fox at bell corner at the end of the Eynsham straight. There is something that I find exciting about a truly wild Fox, i'm not sure what it is but I suspect its to do with the freedom of the vulpine lifestyle and the opportunism that this beautiful if somewhat strongly scented creature turns to his own advantage.

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