Monday, 3 June 2013

Aerial Display.

Shackled to the car today due to caring duties so drove out to catch up with the Buscot chirrrr bird and after a short walk around the parking area  noting Kestrel and Swallows it began turtling away on the house adjacent to the kids play area. Only took a few photos as the lady of the house came into the garden saw me and went back inside, I guess the house owners must get a bit fed up with birders staring up at their roof even if they have the honour of hosting such a beautiful and sadly quite uncommon bird. Anyway I didn't think it fair for me to encroach on the privacy of folk wanting to enjoy what has been a wonderfully sunny day so I called time and motored back to Stanford in the Vale feeling good but still trying to figure out why this Dove keeps returning to this site, if as seems to be the case it never finds a mate.

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