Friday, 21 June 2013

Tree Sparrow with food for chick.

 Tree Sparrow
 Banded Demoiselle
 Small Skipper
Winter Linnets
 Silver Ground Carpet
Mayfly Siphlonurus Lacustris
Silver Y
 Eupeodes Nitens

Lesser Treble Bar
 Four Spotted Chaser
 Green Finch with apparent infection
This Tree Sparrow pictured on a house has a rather large insect for the chicks at home in the nest. Nearly all the other interest has been snapping Insects as the birds and their youngsters are keeping pretty well hidden from view.


  1. Hi Barry, isn't your mystery insect a May Fly? The three-pronged tail is diagnostic. Your moth I think is a Lesser Treble Bar: the angle that the inner cross line makes at the edges is acute in Lesser TB but obtuse in TB.

  2. Cheers Adam - I think you are right on both counts, Thanks and well done.

  3. Also, I think your Skipper is a Large rather than a Small.