Monday, 24 June 2013

Thea - ry

Woops !  Of course that should be theory still I guess you get the gist, anyway I have been thinking about just why some birders travel miles and miles to tick a rare bird and others like myself experience greater joy from our stay at home birding and which group is the more virtuous. The answer is we are all important for the future of our Avian friends whether it be through our club subscriptions or the involvement in projects aimed at helping specific species in trouble.

                                          Ring Ouzel - Specific to a few sites on passage in Oxon.

                                           and Dipper another black and white bird that generates excitement when seen in Oxon.

Pathetic attempt to photograph a bird and ending up with a rather drab pic of a roof.


  1. Hi Uncle Camboy...
    I'm loving your David Bailey roof moment! Been busy on the park, mum's not been well and I seem to have lost my blogging mojo! I hope it's just misplaced and I'll find it again soon! Take care xxx

  2. P.S.

    We have a delightful bluetit family nesting in the outdoor cigarette disposal box! It's the new Moorlands Assisted Non-Smoking Campaign... "Don't Light It... 'Cause You Can't Put It Out". Little 'Bluie' is not such a bird-brain after all!!!