Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Treble B - Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. And Bully for You.

I am posting a few pics of Moths including Treble Bar and Brimstone Moth two of my favourite's, the rest I will let you play at naming them, I think they are all common although some of the photos have not been sorted and are not very good, i'll eventually get round to it. Alan and I had a busy time at the Wychwood Forest Fair and it was really good to chat to Clackers and Wayne and their respective Ladies glad you both made the effort - in fact bully for you. Pat Wixey (Owls) and Chris Mason (Swifts) were part of our birding section and we all enjoyed meeting old and new contacts, also discovered a new Tree Sparrow area.
                                           Lesser Treble Bar
                                           Brimstone Moth
                                             Orange Swift

                                          Woops! This Dragon Darted In.


  1. Hi Barry, I've had a go at your moths.

    1. Lesser Treble-bar
    2. Brimstone
    3. Orange Swift
    4. Flame Shoulder and Common Marbled Carpet
    5. Possibly Flame Shoulder?
    6. Common Marbled Carpet
    7. Common/Ruddy Darter (ask Wayne Bull)
    8. Bit small but possibly Flounced Rustic
    9. pass
    10. Same as 8
    11. Lesser Yellow Underwing?
    12. Lesser Yellow Underwing
    13. Brimstone
    14. Garden Carpet
    15. Pass & possible Garden Carpet
    16. Light-brown Apple Moth
    17. Square-spot Rustic
    18. Pass
    19. Pass
    20. Snout
    21. Probably Square-spot Rustic
    22. Common Plume

    1. No doubt about it the Gnome really knows his Moths.
      Well Done Adam.