Tuesday, 4 September 2012

H owler

The Wychwood Forest Fair saw the OOS display located next to the Barn Owl project, held Sunday 2nd Sept. we as usual had a busy time so it was a good job that Roy Overall had offered his help as Alan Larkman and I were at times struggling to cope. The day had started badly because I had stupidly left my entry slip at home but at least I could clearly remember our site number 64 so you can imagine our surprise when a young lady selling fluffy things you stroke, indignantly told us to fluff off. In fact our number was 93 and I still have no idea why the number 64 had ingrained itself in my fragile mind.
Pat Wixey, Albert Allen and Ian Anderson were also kept busy with their Owls and Louise Spicer who was displaying a Bird Aid poster on our stand floated around covering several interests she has with the Wychwood. It was wonderful to meet old friends again and a particular pleasure was meeting not just John Prowse but his fairly recent baby and his charming Wife who ,when I suggested fitting out the baby with a pair of bins from a nearby optics stand displayed typical "birder wife" reaction with "I don't think so".
Today 4th. I enthusiastially took up an invitation from Clive and his Lady MT to lunch with them, Oh! glory be it was so delicious the duck breasts simply melted in the mouth I really am so lucky with the friends I have. A nice Butterfly a Small Tortoiseshell put in an appearance before I left to visit a mate in The Great Western Hospital at Swindon.
Arriving home and checking on my huge flock of chickens (five) I noticed on an Apple Tree a Lacewing I think chrysoperla carnea and managed to get a photo of sorts, what do you reckon am I right?
Albert and Pat - What a hoot.

Roy Overall looking for his Mum

No silly the girl is young enough to be your granddaughter

Alan engages with Chris.

Ian Anderson to the left and  Pat.

Small Tortoiseshell

Chrysoperla Carnea.

Part of the OOS display.

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