Monday, 24 September 2012


Yep! Play with the word Rain that's about all I have to do as the Rain continues to slash it down keeping me from getting out and about in our wonderful countryside.
So! I might as well show you a few more photos from my IOW trip hope you can take a few more.
I guess a Frigate or Destroyer in front of the British or is it the French Aircraft Carrier?

From the patio.

The dark blob on the path is I think a Stoat taking the Coastal Path.

Male Wheatear.

Coppers seem to be getting smaller but this was still known as a Small Copper when Policemen used to always be in excess of six foot.

Getting close to a Red Admiral.

Female Wheatear.

This Comma brought me to a full stop.

From the Patio.

The Holiday Home nestling in the trees high up on the cliff.

The Coastal Path.

Painted Lady.

Holly Blue.

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