Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hey! Fellow Nerds.

Took advantage of the dry conditions to mow the lawn last night and disturbed a Moth but I know not its name, just had time to dash in and get the cam. and get a couple of not great stills before it flitted off never to be seen again. Anyone out there have a clue as to its identity ?
Gosh! these other flighted beings are becoming almost unhealthily interesting to me, if I don't watch it I will be building "heath robinson" type Moth Traps and joining the small people of Port Meadow - Heaven Forbid.



  1. Get off the fence and admit .. you are a (novice) Mother. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    As for the photography in this instance.... well that is another matter !!

  2. Ah ha my favourite Welsh ranter is unable to identify a well photographed Moth - I don't think.
    In mitigation I earned a living that left little time for my love of nature so on most subjects i'm nursery school but i've always had a close eye on farmland birds and think i've a pretty good understanding of them.
    Will you be able to get to the Farmoor do? it would be good to say hello.

  3. Hi Barry, if I had to guess I would say that your moth was a Square-spot Rustic though it's a bit of a shot in the dark given the photo.