Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mute Swans - They never said a word.

Shellingford Quarry now hosts a pair of Mute Swans the first since the dry spring when coupled with drainage operations by the nearby quarying company the restored pit with the exception of a deep pond completely dryed out. One wonders if we had not experienced such a wet summer just how disasterous it may have been, for at least this pond has managed to sustain some wildlife and the almost constant bouts of rain have seen a diverse selection of Plant and Insect life proliferate with the Dragonfly population often turning up the common and not so common species.
Sunday 30th September with the exception of the returning Swans on the pit, attention was focused on the surrounding newly ploughed arable land with a flock of some four hundred Lapwings,a Red Kite and a couple of Buzzard, but very few small farmland birds showing.
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or Lapwings same thing same enjoyment, or as the bold Badger points out even Green Plover works for these birds.


  1. Green Plover,surely Bazza!?

  2. Of course the Badger is right once again although in all fairness Green Plover is rarely used nowadays, in fact Peewit was the usual name when I was a youngster but I never hear this used now - but all the names are desciptive of this Wader although at times the bird is quite unwader like.