Thursday, 27 December 2012

Question. Whats the difference Between an English

- Between an English Summer and an English Winter? Answer  the Winter has less daylight hours in it. This last year has been notable for the wet miserable and continuing rain that has become so monotonous for us, although the serious repurcussions for the ability of our farmers to supply food from the either submerged or as yet unplanted crops has an air of impending doom as a starving world faces up to further worldwide food shortages due to crop failures in most of the major food producing countrys.
Yesterday at Shellingford Pit on the closeby ploughland there were some fifty Lapwings and two buzzards while on the water about sixty Teal were restlessly piping away as they nervously took to the air. A mixed flock of Finchs including Green and Gold were in the hedgerow as were Redwing and Fieldfare.
After a sumptuous lunch taken at my very good friends Clive and Mt I drove along the Cote backroad and noted sixty odd Mute Swans but not much else, so headed the motor toward Chimney were a huge Lapwing flock numbering in excess of two thousand along with a flock of at least one thousand Golden Plover were seeking refuge from the extensive flooding on relatively small banks of exposed land. On a small piece of unflooded ground by the bridge were twelve Pied Wagtails. The large expanse of flooded fields are awe inspiring and not a little scary, due to the sheer scale of the water movement  sploshing and gurgling as it obeys the law of gravity.
Several Kestrel and Winterthrush mostly Redwing were in the area.
Coal Tit




Golden Plover


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