Saturday, 15 December 2012


Beating today and just by coincidence following on from the super Marsh Tit talk By Richard Broughton. As I watched a Tree Creeper spiralling up a tree another small bird flew into the same Silver Birch and lo and behold it was a Marsh Tit a bird I haven't seen for a while. I guess it's a bit like old friends that suddenly turn up, a most pleasant surprise (know what I mean Patricia & Robert?)
Also saw two Woodcock and other beaters saw quite a few more and another beater watched four Goldcrest and six Long-Tailed Tits performing their magic of just being two of the most enchanting bird species on the planet. I actually had a good opportunity to catch the Tree Creeper and Marsh Tit on the camcorder but we're talking camboy here and i'd managed to forget to load it with its card, oh man! sometimes I wonder about me.
On one of my favourite and often visited sites the Baulking Fullers Earth Pit (now disused) that most knowledgeable of local birders John Melling (local BTO rep) today found what i'm led to believe is a magnificent looking drake Long-Tailed Duck, and I intend to motor over to clock it tomorrow (Sunday) so please Mr. Long-Tailed stay a while longer. This will be quite close to in-law duties and a roast Sunday Lunch at son Gavins and D-in Law Ellens will be a fitting end to a hopefully successful birding trip, this is dependent on having restocked Tree Sparrow volunteer Sally with a fresh supply of Millet. Sally sent a text to say she has recently followed my example and set a few apples up in the garden and within a short time she has a Blackcap scoffing away -well done Sal.
Tree Creeper

Willow Tit and Marsh Tit


Goldcrest - all these photos were from a day I spent with a ringing mate in an adjoining county.

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