Saturday, 1 December 2012

taking stock

While the rest of Oxfordshire delight in watching Waxwing all over Oxford City I wait and hope they will turn up on my Bampton patch but no, no such luck, still as I continue my mainly kitchen window watching something usually turns up to make my day.
The Blue Tits and Great Tits continue to entertain along with other common species but todays star birds were a pair of Stock Doves that have been absent for a few weeks and a ride out to top up Tree Sparrow feeders took me from Buscot to South Leigh and something like twelve Buzzards ground feeding on arable land recently uncovered by the retreating floods was notable. Where the floods still persisted many Gulls were putting in a lot of effort before the ever decreasing daylight hours caught up with them, and sent them off to their watery roosts.
Stock Dove

Blue Tit trying to look cute and succeeding

Making sure that fat ball stays put

Blackbirds like apples

And so do robins

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