Monday, 10 December 2012

Inflated, Deflated, Inflated, all over the Falcated.

Finally got to take a peek at the Falcated Duck and on arriving at the car park the first person I bump into is that most marvellous of Photographers Roger Wyatt he really is just "something else " with a camera. also a really interesting fella to chat birds with, so i'm off to a good start and yes hallalujah the bird is still there when I arrive at the far side of farmoor one, this is a bonus as they usually time their departure just before my arrival but the duck is as dead as a - well duck to all intents, yep! with bill tucked in its not moving, its asleep, and i'm not only looking like a bulbous icicle i'm feeling like one only colder, anyway just before hypothermia sets in two ladys walk by and disturb the whole flock who then do a swim round before returning to the previous status quo if it wasn't for the danger of a good slapping I would have kissed them - the ladys not the ducks- and with the Falcated one in the bag I was able to take in the Slavonian, the Scaup and the Goldeneye due in no small part to the other ice statues stood with me who kindly let me look through their scopes, that kindly group of iced people were a pleasure to chat to and they had driven from afar afield as Reading and Nottingham.
Popped in to see Matt (prior) the person who is doing so much for Farmoor wildlife, we are very lucky to have such a knowledgeable and nature friendly chap fighting our wildlife corner, not alone of course for he has the help of his raunchy rangers. Matt will be attending the OOS Richard Broughton Marsh Tit talk Wednesday evening (12th)  to inform us and answer any questions concerning the new Farmoor Reservoir entry/exit arrangements soon to be in force.
Falcated Duck its the second from the top with the black head-I know its a rubbish pic. it gets worse.

Goldeneye and lots of farmoor water- I can see Roger despairing.

Coal Tit through the window

More Goldeneye and less open watery space.

Winter Moth on outside of bathroom window

and again.


  1. yep Gnome the Moth was a pleasant surprise but just how can they survive the cold? beats me.